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Hardwood Floor Screen & Recoat Service in Memphis, Tennessee


Most hardwood floors are finished with polyurethane, which is a liquid coating used to add a protective layer to your hardwood floors. This layer of protection helps to prevent the raw wood beneath it from being exposed to scratches, scuffs, and other damage. Unfortunately, over time, the polyurethane will deteriorate and leave your beautiful hardwood floors vulnerable to permanent damage. Thankfully, Healthy Home Services provides hardwood floor screening& recoating services to residents in Shelby County, TN, Desoto County, TN, and the surrounding areas!

What is Hardwood Floor Screening & Recoating?

The process of screening and recoating is used on hardwood floors that are in relatively decent condition - meaning the top layer of polyurethane only contains minor scratches or damage. Our technicians will begin carefully screening (or buffing) the outermost layer of polyurethane so that a new coat can be applied in its place. Recoating with a fresh layer of polyurethane will keep your floors safe and shining like new for years to come! At Healthy Home Services, we recommend screening & recoating every 3-5 years* to prevent irreversible damage to the raw hardwood flooring beneath!

*Recommended screening and recoating times can vary depending on how much damage your hardwood floors frequently endure, such as: foot traffic, pet claws, furniture scuffs, etc.

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Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Screening & Recoating

Hardwood flooring is as durable as is it is beautiful. However, in order to keep your hardwood floors looking their best and lasting as long as possible, routine maintenance is necessary.

Hardwood floor screening and recoating is one of the most important steps in hardwood floor maintenance that’s used to restore shine, remove wear & tear, and prevent damage.

  • Inexpensive and Efficient Protection

One of the biggest reasons to have your floors professionally screened and recoated is to prevent the need for sanding and refinishing.

Over time, as the layers of polyurethane deteriorate, your hardwood floors are left exposed and vulnerable to damage. Once this happens, the only way to fix them is by sanding and refinishing, which is an extensive and costly process.


  • Change of Style

Another reason many residents of Memphis, TN want hardwood floor screen & recoat service is to change their floors’ sheen.

While some people prefer high gloss floors that shine, others prefer a more relaxing matte finish – the choice is yours!

There are countless benefits to having your hardwood floors professionally screened & recoated by the skilled professionals at Healthy Home Services – so, give us a call today to discuss options that work for you!

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Why Choose Us for Your Hardwood Floor Screen & Recoat Needs?


Healthy Home Services isa locally owned company that’s dedicated to providing expert hardwood floor care, cleaning, and maintenance to homeowners in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle all types of hardwood flooring with precision and care. We combine these skills with powerful, state-of-the-art equipment to produce superior results that you’re guaranteed to love!

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